Want To Crush It? Check Out This Blog!!

Hi my name is Christopher Okada. President & Founder of Okada & Company and Okada Acquisition Company. I'm an investor, real estate developer, entrepreneur, and somewhere between Millennial and Gen X'er. I am self made, and along my journey, I learned a whole bunch of stuff that I thought could be useful to business people, real estate people, and people that just want to elevate themselves to the next level!

Credibility? Started with $30K turned it into a portfolio of properties in Midtown Manhattan, transacted close to a billion dollars in real estate sales, and represented hundreds of companies small and large along the way. ROI? Ten's of thousands. But enough of this boastfulness and onto why this page may be awesome for you. 

These Are 5 Reasons Why This Blog Will Help You Crush It!

1. Motivation. I hope to get those hormones pumping and the emotional reaction out of you. You know what I mean. Once in a while, you come across an article, or a video, or a song, or a movie, that just gets you pumped up and makes you want to get going on whatever it is you're focused on. I hope this can trigger some of that. 

2. Good Advice. I may not be the best source online to go to if you're interested in learning how to cook, or how to fix a car, but I 100% am definitely a good source for real estate matters, business, entrepreneurship, and figuring out how to "make it".  I legit had to learn how to jump hurdles, recover from failure, get out of slumps, celebrate successes, had momentum like crazy, and learned so many things along the way. MAYBE I've come across something that you need help with. Why Not?

3. Encouragement. Remember when you were a kid and you were scared to get on a bike, or try a new sport. Maybe you had someone to help get you through that period of self disbelief. Maybe you didn't. I hope to encourage you to follow your dream and to take that damn leap of faith! Lets do it!

4. Positivity. There's so much damn crap in the world. Literally negative news everywhere. Every social media platform, news channels, most current event websites, friends, family, etc... they all mean well, but maybe just maybe this can be one place that you can turn to for a little bit of sun from all the shade you've received or a bit of optimism when you're feeling like crap. 

5. Relevant. This is dated TODAY. Not in 1955 or 2001. Meaning, it's a lot more relevant to you than a lot of other resources out there. I am a young hustler that's just trying my best to crush it and pay it forward. Does that mean I'm perfect? Nope. Does that mean that I know everything about everything? Nope. Does that mean I'm OG Mac Daddy 3000... YES.. actually I am. If you knew what this all means... <self-five>. 

So that's it. Real Estate. Crushing it in life. Business. and Positivity. Thank You for checking this out AND FOLLOW ME ON THE GRAM / TWITTER @ChrisOkada.