Over the weekend, there was supposed to be an all inclusive, super luxury, super hot, music festival in the Bahamas. The tickets cost up to $12,000 for the chartering of private jets, gourmet food, luxury sleeping accommodations and VIP meet and greets with music acts Major Lazer, Migos, Blink 182, Tyga and a few others. 

Here's what partygoers were promised: 

What did they received?  


-Cheese Sandwhiches.

-100% of the musical acts cancelled 

-No immediate flights to leave due to the remote location.  

-And according to some tweets; people were fainting and literally losing their wits. 

Here Are The Top 10 Ways To Avoid Destroying Your Event Or Business Venture.

1. Don't partner with Ja-Rule or any other person that doesn't have specific experience to make your venture a success. If you're going to throw a big production, choose a partner that knows what they're doing! "It's Murdahhhhh" to your business. Inexperienced partners made this venture close to impossible to pull off.

2. Don't choose a venue or location on on remote island.  Choose a venue or location that actually has infrastructure for whatever type of event or venture you're throwing. Choose a location that fits your business needs!

3. Don't promise steak and deliver cheese sandwhiches. Serving food? If so then it deliver product that's in-line with what people expect. If you have a cheese sandwich budget, don't tell people they're getting steak! 

4. Don't promise luxury hotel accommodations and give them tents. This is actually hilarious. They promised luxury and eco friendly villas, and gave them leftover relief tents from hurricane victims. If you're promising luxury real estate, you have to deliver luxury real estate. If you can only deliver a tent, then change your marketing and consumer expectation. 

5. Don't promise Gigi Haddad and deliver construction workers to greet guests. When the guests arrived to Fyre Festival, the place was basically a construction site. Instead of beautiful hosts as advertised, they were greeted with disgruntled construction workers. Your staff should fit the business model. Ambercrombie hire young and attractive staff members because that's what they're promoting. 

6. Pay the staff. A couple months before the event, there were dozens of employees there to set up and make the event happen. One by one they quit due to non-payment, disorganization, and knew ahead of time it was going to be a disaster. Pay your staff. 

7. Pay the DJ/Bands/Acts/Talent. If the place was a complete wreck, and everyone only had cheese sandwiches, but Blink-182 and Major Lazer actually performed, maybe it wouldn't have half bad. But they didn't. There was no Bad & Boujee, and there was no First Date. There was nothing. If Blink 182 wants a deposit; pay them! If people are mainly coming to see you for some talent you have access to.. deliver! Pay attention to "All the... small things."

8. Don't promise VIP private jets and give them propeller planes. People were stuck in Miami for hours waiting on custom configured Boeing jets. Instead they had to fly in propellered planes. To make it worse, the passengers had to get their own luggage out of shipping containers at night. Yeah... don't do this. If there is any kind of transportation or logistics necessary, make sure it's done well and deliver!

9. Don't promise a tropical vacation and deliver them Lord of the Flies. Don't over promise. Music festival goers can literally live in the desert for a week eating nothing but the very things they brought themselves... if you tell them that! Don't over promise and under deliver. Set expectations in-line with what you can deliver. That goes for music festivals and in business. 

10. Don't be Fyre Festival cofounder Billy McFarland. I don't know who he is... but don't be this naive. In this interview, he admitted to underestimating the infrastructure, manpower, size of the production, and way overerestimated how rookie/newbie he was. Know your place in the world and grow from there. 

Mistakes and miscalculations happen all the time... but not in every part of the plan! Don't be this guy!  Take calculated risks.


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