If there's one commercial real estate event everyone talks about, its ICSC Las Vegas. This is the one event that real estate brokers and executives come together to network, mingle, party, catch up, deal talk, complain, brag, and blow off steam outside of their home territory. When people say ICSC Vegas, they're not talking only talking about booths and the conventions, they're also talking about the parties, and all the festivities outside of the actual convention. I started going around 6 years ago, and in all my years of fist pumping and hand shaking, I'm pretty sure I got the hang of it all.


1. FIND JOB OPPORTUNITIES. Whether you're new to the industry, or you've been in it for several years, there is no greater place to meet potential employers in commercial real estate. If you're really smart, you'd know which firm was looking to fill which positions, and approach them during your stay in Vegas.

2. FIND BUYERS AND SELLERS. You may be trying to sell a property and know of a particular purchaser that would be perfect to pick it up, or you heard there was a particular property for sale and you heard the seller was going. This is the perfect time to meet and greet with your potential buyer or seller. I'm sure the principals will be open to hearing about it.

3 FIND INVESTORS & PARTNERS. Found the all illusive 6% Cap in Midtown Manhattan, but need capital to finish the deal up? What better place than ICSC to meet with those potential investors and partners. Just know who you're targeting and try to get some quality face time while out there.

4. FIND TENANTS: In 2017, everyone is looking for tenants. Especially retail tenants. It's great to know which tenants you'd like to approach prior to flying out to Vegas. The key here is follow up, follow up, follow up. They're being bombarded from people from all across the country for potential sites. Make sure you follow up!

5. FIND LENDERS. Another sticking point in 2017 are lenders. As the bank regulations tightened up in January, ground up construction (whether retail, multi-family, or hotel) has become a lot more difficult. Mingle with the lenders! Pick their brains. Buy them drinks.

You should seriously focus your efforts and create clear goals of the top 5-10 people you need to meet at ICSC. That is really how you'll find the convention rewarding, and when a deal is consummated through these efforts... even better.