When I was a young and scrappy broker, I used to go into office buildings in Midtown and convince companies to relocate to other nearby buildings. I made a decent business out of it,  and trained a small squad of brokers to do this.

One day I get a call from a disgruntled landlord representative who saw one of my guys in their building without an appointment. They were furious that we were attempting to poach tenants from their building and asked to meet.

When we met, I basically apologized, and agreed to stay out of their 2 million square foot portfolio. From then on however, we've become good friends, successfully closed dozens of deals together, purchased a property in Midtown together, and for years they've attempted to acquire my company.

The moral of the story is one event (or in this case one meeting) could turn into endless opportunities. This goes for one introduction, one phone call, one networking event, one day deciding to take a different route home, one vacation, one change in routine, one moment in your life could literally change your fate forever. Make each moment count and push yourself to seek out the good. That is the butterfly effect.