People hate. People are jealous. People may not be used to your uniqueness. People have inner issues and try to project their shit onto you. People can have motives. People may just be followers. People may be unhappy with themselves. People can be insecure. People may say they don't like this about you or that about you. Loved ones meaning well are afraid of how you will make them look, or feel.

This sounds like something I tell my high school students at Sunday school, but the truth is it happens in elementary school, high school, college, after college, in the work place, behind closed doors, in mass crowds in public, etc. 

I recently met someone that literally told me they didn't like that I raised my pinky when drinking tea or hard liquor. They thought it was feminine. I was offended because I was close to this person and liked them a lot, but what I didn't realize was that it's typically frowned upon not because it's feminine, but because it's seen as a gesture of elitism. We basically grew up very differently and they were using this as an excuse to cover up internal issues they were facing and using me as an excuse.

At work, people used to tell me things like I was a "jack of all trades" ... I used to get offended because I felt they were saying I was unprofessional, but the more success I was fortunate enough to experienced, the more I realized it came from my ability to notice trends early on and jumping on it. Being a well rounded businessperson may actually require you to call upon knowledge that was learned from past lessons that have nothing to do with business. For me, being a good landlord requires me to understand capital markets, residential leasing, commercial leasing, property management, basic law, finance, etc etc. I swapped "jack of all trades" with "full-service" or "multi-faceted". 

Bottom line, regardless of age, sex, race, socio-economic status, living situation, sexual orientation, religious background, political opinion, or how they drink their liquor... fight to be yourself; fight to be authentic; and fight to be who you want to be!! 

Pinky Fingers Up!!!