1. First Impressions: From the start, one can realize if the company culture is the right. Take notice on how the employees and management communicate with one another. 
  2. Self-Awareness: You have to know what kind of environment you excel in. Ask yourself if the company you're working for has that environment in which you work your best in.
  3. Fun/Work Balance: Although we like to have fun our number priority is getting the work done and producing results. Always take a step back to see if you're hitting your own goals and the company's goals. 
  4. On the same page: Is this what I want to be doing? Will this help me & can I add value? Are we all headed in the same direction? What is something different I can bring to the table? How can I best utilize my time on a day to day basis. 
  5. Time will tell: You won't be able to tell at first, hence why you should give yourself some time at your new company to settle in. You must see how things are working out once you feel you are confident and understand your role. 

We're Hiring!!! Seeking commercial real estate sales and leasing agents interested in the world of Midtown & Downtown commercial real estate transactions.

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